‘Winter is coming, Nestle snowing with prizes’

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Client / Brand: Nestle Polska S.A.

Action name: "Winter is coming, Nestle is snowing with prizes!"

Type of action: Audiotape Lottery

Mechanic: Buy one-time Nestle products, taking part in the action, for at least. 20 zl in the Intermarche network and send SMS to 70966 in the text write: Nestle.Number from the receipt and wait for the prize draw. Cost of SMS 0.62 zł with VAT.

Prizes: 3x Dolce Gusto coffee machine, 3x Intermarche 100-zloty voucher, 3x Lenovo Tablet, weekly 1000 zl prepaid card, and the end of all Renault Twingo applications.

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