Unique One - organizer of the Receipt Lottery

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A few days ago we received information that our agency won a tender to organize a receipt lottery. This is an important design and fulfillment of our goals for Unique One. We are glad that our agency was selected by the Ministry of Finance to host this lottery. We are working on a project implementation project to get started with the lottery this autumn. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success :)

The purpose of the lottery, which is part of the program implemented by the Ministry of Finance "Take a receipt", is to make consumers aware that asking for a receipt when shopping supports fair competition. In addition, the receipt proves that the service is legally provided and that VAT is deducted from it. The "Take a receipt" program is supposed to contribute to reducing the deficit of the public finance sector in 2015.

The beginning of the lottery is planned for autumn of the current year. From now on, a draw will take place once a month for the main prize - a family car, and twice a month drawing extra prizes - notebooks and tablets. The total prize pool is about $ 100,000 a month.

The Ministry of Finance has invited the UNIQUE ONE Agency to a technical dialogue on the organization and conduct of a ticket lottery last year. Participation in the dialogue was a prerequisite for meeting the knowledge and experience requirements of conducting lotteries. - Thanks to the fact that we have fulfilled all the criteria, that is, we have demonstrated the organization and experience of conducting large national lotteries, we were the parties to the technical dialogue, and then we could take part in the tender that we finally won. This is an important and prestigious project for us, so I am very happy that it is Unique One that will be its organizer. A lottery in which millions of Poles will take part. "Says Grzegorz Bonder, UNIQUE ONE General Manager.

The tasks of the Agency include the preparation and organization of the Receipt Lottery and its comprehensive service. The activities include designing, creating, making available and maintaining an online Lottery web site, providing Help-desk telephone services, and designing and executing virtual television studios (providing space, creating scenarios, outlining and drawing visualizations, lotteries, Live recording, random drawing and symbolic awarding, preparation of the thumbnails of the awarding of the award and the articles included in the drawing). In addition, UNIQUE ONE together with the consortium partner NuOrder Sp. z o.o. Will be responsible for planning and conducting an advertising campaign on the Internet.

The Ministry of Finance placed high demands on the future organizer of the National Receipt Lottery, so that the selected entity provided a guarantee of certainty and had extensive experience in random games. Two companies took part in the tender of the Ministry of Finance: Consortium of Unique One Sp. z o.o. As the Consortium Leader, NuOrder Sp. z o.o. As a partner of Consortium and Consortium of FM PRO Sp. z o.o. - Consortium Leader along with Playprint Polska Sp. z o.o. And Grymark Sp. z o.o. Consortium partners.