UNIQUE ONE in a festive action for the WINIARY brand

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The purpose of the promotional campaign is to increase sales of Winiary products in the pre-Christmas period, so important from a business point of view. The action takes place in 5 commercial networks: Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, Real. The agency will use an effective "Heart breaking" mechanism at the shelf to encourage the purchase of products from a wide range of brands. The promotion will be held on weekends from Friday to Sunday for 3 weeks up to the holidays. Consumers after the purchase of products for 10 zlotys in this mayonnaise decoration, so strongly associated with the Polish holidays, will receive a gift certificate guaranteed to pack Christmas gifts. The prize will be available immediately at the promotional booth behind the cashier. But this is not the end of the attraction. Nestle has prepared additional fun for loyal customers. Participants will be able to fill out a Christmas card, hand it over to a hostess or postman, or put it in a Winiary post box and win a Volkswagen Up, Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet or 30 Christmas gift cards at 100 zlotys.

UNIQUE ONE is responsible for: creative concept, graphic design, organization and operation of hostesses, organization and service of the Christmas contest. The activities are supported by POS materials at points of sale, Hostess direct communication and the "heart braking" pro-sales mechanism at the shelf as well as festive promotional stands.

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