The digital event agenda was used at the conference. The application included a map of the facility as well as the ability to add photos, exchange comments and rank the most active participants. In the evening, participants had the opportunity to use the VR - 5D and 7D platforms, which give the effect of virtual travel in space. In addition, there was a digital photobook on the touch screen. The first day of the conference was a fun event with the presence of DJs releasing visualizations and music videos that added to the modern climate. The next day was the next part of the conference, with the experimental zone, where participants could get acquainted with technological innovations such as Amazon ECHO, all kinds of riding and flying drones, and a 3D ball pen. Then the participants of the conference were divided into groups and integrated through participation in the Escape Room. The rooms were arranged in the hotel room. At the end of the conference everyone went out to the beautiful viewing terrace, where our photographer from the roof (!) made a group photo. The conference will surely be remembered for a long time