Open up for prizes with GRAAL!

105 / 200

The participant gets to know about the win immediately. The agency has implemented an "instant win" mechanism in the lottery, which is one of the most sought after consumer promotion mechanisms. Upon submission of the application, a special animation on the page immediately informs you of a win or a loss (the opening animation of a pop up box with a message about a possible win and a prize). At the end, each entry will be in the final draw of the main prize in the form of a car.

To win in the lottery: Opel Adam car, 5 Sony 48 "TVs, 5 Sony home cinema, 10 Lenovo 2 in 1 notebook, 50 Lenovo tablets, 150 cash prizes worth 100 PLN and 200 cash prizes worth 50 zł .

Acceptance of lottery applications will end on December 11, 2016. Unique One, acting on behalf of GRAAL, is responsible for the organization, service, landing page lottery and POS materials.

The lottery is nationwide and is supported by an advertising campaign using Radio spot, press advertisement and internet.

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