Nomination in Golden Arrow 2021 competition

24 / 200

The campaigns ran in September and October 2020. The following chains were involved: Selgros, Polo Market, Stokrotka, Arhelan, Topaz, Frac.

The action being in-line with the brand’s signature element – talking sausages. The idea was born on the basis of dialogues between representatives of the world of Berlinki. We created a communication umbrella under which the competitions were carried out in individual retail chains. The contest in each network lasted 4 weeks and was based on text submissions. The contest task was to come up with a creative dialogue of Berlinki or justify what the customed likes Berlinki for.

The campaign was based primarily on in-store activities: posters, flyers, wobblers and newspaper modules. Moreover, the communication was supplemented with information on social profiles and websites of individual networks.