In order to take part in the lottery you need to buy a promotional packaging of NESTLE breakfast cereals (CINI MINIS, NESQUIK, CHOCAPIC, COOKIE CRISP, LION), which in the outer side of the packaging contain information about the lottery and an alphanumeric code. Then the participant must make a correct application in the lottery from 1 June at

Weekly prizes will be drawn every week in the lottery - suitcases with graphics from the film Lion King (100 suitcases). At the end of the lottery, the main prize - Family trip to Tanzania - will be drawn from all entries. All packages with declared codes should be retained. The lottery is addressed to people over 18 years of age. Details and regulations on the website:

The UNIQUE ONE Agency is responsible for the operation of the lottery, including the reception of entries, legal services, verification of entries and sending prizes. The lottery is supported by a TV campaign, internet activities and POS materials.

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