Linea Recta Polska changes its name to Unique One

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We know people - it's a teaser of campaign claim and a new Unique One strategy. That is the new name of the agency, which has been acting as Linea Recta Polska for 13 years.

"Since 2000 on the Polish market we have met very well the target groups of our customers. We also had the pleasure to meet these consumers personally. Today we can confidently say that we know and understand their needs. We just know people, "says Grzegorz Bonder, CEO and creator of the company's success.

The campaign teaser appeared in the December edition of the marketing press.

"Unique is a very well-known word, especially in the marketing and advertising industry. The agency has been famous for its unique sales promotion concepts for many years, so the name is perfect for us, "says Lukasz Janowski, Managing Director, who was responsible for the rebranding process at the agency.

"The world, however, is moving forward. Today's consumer, as we know it, is becoming increasingly digitized and demanding. It expects unique and personalized solutions. That is why we are changing too. "- says Grzegorz Bonder.

This is not the only change, the Unique group will join the Unique Digital agency, which has established strategic cooperation with interactive agency E_misja Interactive 360 and social media agency and marketing recommendations 6ix WoMM & Social Media, thus gaining the competence of comprehensive service of brands on the Internet. For the development of the digital division of the Unique group is responsible for Łukasz Janowski, who assumes the position of the Chairman of this company.

"We assume that what the marketer needs today is synergistic service across all relevant communication channels: from the shelf to the interactive media. Such a look is the pillar of our decision to cooperate and build a common solution for our customers. Our goal is to deliver not so many individual tools as their entire sets precisely match the purchasing process. We look at our strength in such a way, "says Michał Siejak, managing director of Interactive 360 and 6ix Womm & Social Media.

The leading clients include: Nestle Polska, Metro Group, Polkomtel, Totalizator Sportowy, Lotos Oil, Premio and L'Oreal.