Let’s meet the winners of Cat’s Contest!

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The winner of the car was Mrs Monika U. from Poznań, owner of a 1.5 year old female kitty named Jeżi from the shelter. The Jeep was about six months old when he lived in his new home. It turned out that despite the superstitions, the black cat brought happiness to the five cheerful and it was thanks to him that Mini One car went to the family of Monika :)

"In December 2014 we found an image of cats for adoption on the Internet. One particularly caught our attention - a thin, sad, black cat. All his siblings have already been adopted, but he does not, probably considered unlucky. But we already knew it was him, our cat!

Jeepi liked Purina in every form, so we complimented him to reward his heavy fate. In Biedronka Purina food was a great price, so we bought her a lot immediately. By the way, we learned about the competition and were tempted by the car - so we decided to play. And then we had a family brainstorm, how to celebrate World Cat's Day here? Children have identified that there must be a gift, balloons, confetti and other party gadgets. So we did.

And no one would have guessed how great was our surprise when on Friday the 13th we picked up the phone with information about the main win at the Purina Cat Competition. It turned out that both black cats and Friday the 13th can bring us luck. "

Above Monika's photo contest with the Family.

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