Draws in Receipt Lottery

125 / 200

/ The heart of the draw is a computer (the so-called Game Machine) approved by the testing unit and registered in the Customs Office.

/ In order for a Device to be used in a Lottery it must go through a specific law procedure. The first step is to obtain a technical opinion (homologation). Only a testing unit that has the authority to study the Equipment and Game Machines can issue it. The purpose of this test is to confirm that the device works properly,  random. In a way to ensure the integrity of Lottery participants, which means the full randomness of winning the winners. In the case of the National Lottery, the technical opinion was issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw. Study of the device used in the Lottery ended in a positive result and was sealed by the Electrotechnical Institute. The next step was to report the Device and register it by the appropriate territorial jurisdiction of the Customs Lottery Organizer.

The drawings of the cars take place live in the S3 studio at the headquarters of Polish Television. The 2nd prize draws (iPads and laptops) take place in the same studio and are published on the YouTube Lottery channel on the day of the draw.

The lottery commission is supervised by the Lottery Commission and additionally (which is not required by law) in the Lottery. Each draw is presented by a Notary, who notifies it in the form of a notarial deed. The President of the Commission is required by law to issue a Certificate issued by the competent Minister for Public Finance certifying his authority to supervise the whole lottery, including lotteries.

The results of lottery drawings are influenced solely by the Game Equipment, which in a random way wins the winners. None of the people handling the draw does not affect the results of the Lottery.

In the Paragon Lottery, which is a social campaign of the Ministry of Finance, anyone who takes part in it and meets the conditions set forth in the Lotteries Regulations can win. The only persons legally excluded from participation in the Lottery are employees and families of the Organizer, companies cooperating in running the Lottery, employees of the Ministry of Finance and their families, customs officers serving in the Ministry of Finance and entrepreneurs or their employees issuing fiscal receipts for the sale of goods or services made by This entrepreneur.

/ We invite you all for the next Monday at 21:00 to watch live TVP 3 prize draws.


Chairman of the Internal Audit Lottery Commission.

Grzegorz Bonder