Gala was led by Alicja Resich Modlińska and Nina Kowalewska-Motlik. Kasia Stankiewicz also had a mini recital on the stage.

Honor Award for special merit for the promotion of the "Polish" brand in the world came to Agnieszka Radwańska; Superbrands statuette awarded to creators who most effectively support the presence of Polish culture abroad were: Mariusz Trelinski and Boris Kudlička.

The Mark Board is an expert panel of people with years of experience in the areas of marketing, research, strategy, branding, advertising and PR - people who are brand image. The range of experiences they present and their diverse perspectives make it possible to look at brands in a comprehensive way. The members of the Brand Council often identify themselves with Superbrands and as "Brand Experts" actively participate in the life of the organization by sharing their knowledge and experience through activity at meetings, business mixers and developing expert articles. Thanks to them that multi-dimensional evaluation of brand image power is possible, and the discussions in which they participate as speakers attract the group of people involved and interested in branding. (Source: